“The Art Of Discovery” by Jeff Vespa

The Art Of Discovery” is a nifty little coffee-table book that features a slew of about 60+ celebrities all giving their thoughts about what “inspires” them. The book contains brand new photos of each celebrity and a quote from them. It’s a simple layout that actually works!

Unlike the stupid-ass $200 piece of shit garbage book by Russell James called “Angels” which features nude pix of supermodels that you can just find on Google Search, this book is only $45 and is a bargain for fans of these particular celebrities.

I’ve went ahead and made scans for 15 of my favorite choices from the book. The list of scans include:

–Shailene Woodley
–Jared Leto (yes, I included ONE guy)
–Elizabeth Banks
–Anna Kendrick
–Jessica Biel
–Rosario Dawson
–Rachel Leigh Cook
–Dakota Fanning
–Elle Fanning
–Amber Heard
–Emmy Rossum
–Ashley Greene
–Teresa Palmer
–Kristen Stewart
–Jessica Chastain



Natalia Vodianova – Vogue USA November 2014 [HQ Cover Only]

Wait, another supermodel featured on the cover of American Vogue in the same year?? Get the fuck outta here! Editorial is entitled, “Grand Entrance” and is shot by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Tonne Goodman. The edit also features Benjamin Millepied.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a new Vogue cover to myself but I’ve got one now! Oh, and like previous Vogue covers I’ve posted, I cannot post any scans from Natalia’s editorial, SORRY!


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