A Fond Farewell To Everyone

I am closing up shop. Yes, you heard that correctly: I am shutting down FSR for good. This comes as bad news to nobody and good news for EVERYONE. Basically, it all boils down to the simple fact that I am a lazy prick that just doesn’t have the time to leak all these magazine covers and editorials anymore. If you noticed lately, I haven’t posted very much new material and, when I do, it’s usually after a month from the last post. For the sake of argument, I’ll just say that I’ve worn out my welcome.

It’s been a fun ride the past four years (technically, five) and I’ve had a ton of good buzz from various supporting sites and lots of legal threats from publications that just don’t like me. It’s been a huge mixed bag of emotions regarding my work and I don’t regret doing what I did AT ALL. That being said, I’ll be the last to say that scanning magazines/books is a dying hobby and with the rise of digital downloads, it’s made it a lot EASIER for everyone to just grab an IPAD and snap away without having to worry about quality. That being said, I still enjoyed the fun aspect of scanning and posting magazine covers several days (sometimes weeks) in advance. I’ve posted so many early magazine covers and editorials from Vogue, Maxim, Marie Claire, and sometimes mags like V Magazine and Interview that I’ve lost count. On the flip side, I’m sure those publications that just hate my site and I’m humbled that they do cuz it means that I’m doing something right!

Let me be honest and say that the original intention of my website was to post HQ scans of older magazine issues, hence the “remastered” moniker. It wasn’t my purpose to post newer issues but since I had gotten so caught up in the rush of posting newer magazine covers/issues that weren’t even announced yet, I took the opportunity to do so. Although I was able to post a few remastered editorials from past years, I just never got around to fully completing that task. In a way, I totally failed in that aspect but it’s not like anyone noticed or cared, so WHATEVER. Also, in all the years that this site was active, I’ve made ZERO revenue on it becuz it wasn’t about the money and more about bragging rights. While many other websites similar to mine are all about sponsorship and collaborations, my site had NONE of that. By having zero associations with anyone, it allowed me to post and say whatever the fuck I wanted to without any filters or some boss person breathing down my neck. I am my own boss and I fuckin’ hated my boss!

But enough about me! To all the visitors, websites, fansites, and forums that have downloaded and reposted all my piece of shit scans, I cannot thank you enough for the support (even if most of you decided to crop out my watermark and/or not credit me for it). It was thru all that clicking that this site has amassed over NINE MILLION views! Did I mention my scans are just total pieces of shit?? I especially want to thank all the Kristen Stewart fans that have brought in so much heavy traffic to this site during the “Twilight Saga” years, you guys are fuckin’ mental and I love you all for it! Also, a big shout out to PinkCouture, Alejandra @ Alessandra’s Beijos, Tarsha @ Glossy Newsstand, Kimberly @ Visual Optimism, Spiderswims @ Phun.org, Britt Maren and Candice Swanepoel (yes, real supermodels) for all the support. And to the idiot asshole people that criticized me, my scans, and my watermark, it was an absolute pleasure pissing off all you high maintenance bitches.

Anywayz, the site will be shut down for good at the end of May, so download whatever you can cuz you’ll never see it again. I thank you for visiting the site one last time and reading this goodbye message but don’t count me out. I’ll be back from the dead soon, mutherfucker!


Kristen Stewart – The Late, Late Show w/ James Corden 04-21-2015 [1080p HD Screencaps]

K-Stew showed up on the James Corden show a few days ago. I forgotten about it until I saw that I had the show DVR’ed, so I went ahead and took uncompressed HD screencaps of K-Stew’s intro (where they show them in the green room). For the interview, just go to Youtube and watch it there.

BTW, is it weird that K-Stew’s entourage is all guys? I’da thunk she’d have a team of ladies at her side instead of three dudes.