Kristen Stewart – Elle USA June 2012 [UPDATED]

Here is the full editorial plus the article. Enjoy, Twi-hards!

UPDATE: As a Thank You to all the Twi-hards and SWATH fans for visiting the blog, I’ve added the Super-HQ scan of the RED alternate cover of K-Stew’s Elle cover with no tags. Based on what I’ve seen, her RED alternate cover will be available for purchase at all major supermarkets/retail outlets/national bookstores. As for her WHITE cover, it will be available to independent newsstands only, so if you must collect both covers, you may need to do a little searching.


Please leave a comment about the Editorial! I’d love to hear what everyone thinks of it!


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43 comments on “Kristen Stewart – Elle USA June 2012 [UPDATED]

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  13. Thank you for posting this great article and editorial. She can be so beautiful. What made you break your own rule of not posting celebrities? Glad you did tho.

  14. You are a seriously cool guy to scan her ed for the fans, thank you so much. Its a very well done ed for US Elle.

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  16. A real glimps into the mind of this intelligent, talented woman. Wish I had time to read all the things she bought. Is there really a chance she might play Peyton in “Lie Down In darkness” ? Daniel Day Lewis, Kristen Stewart, William Styron: perfect. This has to happen. Who could ask for more?


  18. If her private life is so off limits, why does she keep blabbing about her boyfriend? She seems desperate for everyone to know she’s with Rob or else she would actually keep that information private. So I guess it’s alright for her to volunteer as much information as she likes, but no one is allowed to ask her about it? How nice for her, she can make the rules, break them, and suffer no consequences, like being called a hypocrite. Funny, he’s managed to do 2 recent print interview without every alluding to her in any way. When he says he wants to keep something private and not “sell” a relationship, he keeps his word. Too bad she keeps letting him down by broadcasting his private information to the world.

    • Im sorry , I didn’t get your comment . From what I read she only mentioned ” the boyfriend ” word once calling her a hipocrite is really a bit harsh considering the fact that he mentioned her often in most of his interviews .. Which to me is quite endearing . For a moment there I thought I was on one of those crazy gossip blogs .. Lol .. Anyway my opinion , she did great and did not reveal anything too personal and I doubt she ever will ! I guess it frustrate some of the crazies so some feel the need to crtisize her character , no need to be so judgmental about someone we hardly know … I believe it’s time to stop the bashing .. Lol it’s been 4 years let it go let it flow … Peace Sister!!!

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  23. Dear Puzzled,

    It is interesting that all you got from the interview you just read is how hypocritical you feel Kristen is. In case you are as oblivious as you appear to be, Kristen did not say anything about her personal life that everyone already knows. Yes, she has a boyfriend… and it is obvious who that is, and for whatever reason you appear upset with this. So, let me suggest to you that you get over it.

    Incidentally, the pics were hot… and I agree, the one’s where she is showcasing her masculine side, are incredibly beautiful… so much so it is very hard not to keep staring at her… but I disagree – she may dress masculine, but there is pure feminism in those pics.

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