Kristen Stewart – InStyle USA September 2012


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12 comments on “Kristen Stewart – InStyle USA September 2012

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    • people make mistakes and learn from them. this is the one time that kristen has ever slipped up and was in the wrong, but yet people treat her like she is complete trash. paula, you seriously need to rewrite your vocabulary if you think making a mistake in life, is being a whore. she is going to learn from this mistake, and will no doubt make her more aware of her actions. so, think before you throw unnecessary judgments to someone who certainly doesn’t deserve them.

      • Agree with u alyssa,Kristen make a mistake.All human make a mistake include Rob.Don’t act like u [paula] never make a mistake.But if anyone want know the truth about Rob & Kris read @Ted_Casablanca tweet.He knows everything about them in the past like on set visit,what will happen in cannes [pda], & etc.He never lie about Robsten in the past.He even told to the fans not to worry about Rob & Kris cuz he say they know what they are doing.

      • Hahaha totally agree with u Alyssa, Lisa, and ESPECIALLY Olivia ;) You go girls! Love Robsten FOREVER <3

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  6. Why is everyone have to talk bad about Kristen , Who is going to put the blame on the guy he is the one that comited adulty, he’s the one that is married she isn’t. Yes she took part in it as well but, I will bet he is the one that went after her. even if she did he should have stoped her. Please don’t think I am talking bad about Kristen because I think she is a wonderful and talented girl. I hope you go far Kristen.

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