Kate Upton – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 “Exposure” – 1080p HD Screencaps

I wanted to wait until I had the appropriate hardware to take 1080p videos from the PS3 and now I can! I’ve had the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit BTS videos stashed in my PS3 and since these SI Swimsuit videos are no longer available for download on the Playstation Network, I’ll be posting 1080 PROGRESSIVE screencaps and posting on a day-by-day basis leading up to the 2013 issue. First up, Kate Upton! (And, YES, the screencap above is uncensored!)

Remember when Upton was just an SI rookie back in 2011? Yeah, that felt like a REALLY long time ago. She was just a noobie with boobies that wasn’t as overexposed and overhyped as she is now. Oh, don’t look at me like that, it’s TRUE! Take a look at the screencaps below and see what a shy (though confident, body-wise) little girl she was before all the hype kicked in.


Remember, these are 1080 PROGRESSIVE screencaps not 1080 INTERLACED, hence a more sharper image and near-zero pixelation!

NOTE: This video is different from the SI Swimsuit special that aired on the 101 Network on DirecTV (now known as the Audience Network), which was never available for download. Although it can still be found in 480p DVD format in copies of the 2011 SI calendar.


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