Scarlett Johansson – Esquire USA November 2013

Yup, Scarlett is this year’s Sexiest Woman Alive for Esquire! In addition to new pix of Scarlett, the issue includes a fold-out poster (included here).

[Editorial was shot by Vincent Peters.]


[Click on the image to open the gallery and then click “View Full Size” for the HQ version]


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3 comments on “Scarlett Johansson – Esquire USA November 2013

  1. Thanks Mr. Fashion Scans – great work as usual, much better than I could do. Scarlett is a great choice obviously. As far as “sexiest woman alive”… well, that is debatable. She’s certainly one of the hottest American celebrities/actresses. I’d probably put Kate Upton above Scarlett in the sexiness department.

    I’m just so glad it is a beautiful woman on the cover, and not some horse face like Miley Cyrus or one of the thousand other female celebrities that the media are trying to promote as the next sex goddess of planet Earth.

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