Kristen Stewart – Marie Claire USA March 2014

I know a lot of you K-Stew fans have been waiting patiently for this girl to get back into the spotlight and here she is! If I remember correctly, the last time K-Stew was on the cover of a major magazine was back in 2012 so rejoice!

Please spread the word around of K-Stew’s new editorial!


[Click on the image to open the gallery and then click “View Full Size” for the HQ version]


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14 comments on “Kristen Stewart – Marie Claire USA March 2014

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  3. Kristen looks stunning and captivating in this photoshoot, and the outfits, hair and makeup look so incredible and IMO, the best magazine spread in a very long time. This is an amazing interview that mainly focuses on her creative passions and artistic processes as an actor and a collaborator in film making. I love how she deliberately chooses her projects and does not allow anyone to dictate and pressure her into her choices, the internet tabloids, haters and rag mags be damned. This young woman at 23 yrs. of age has got more courage and strength, and passion to live her life and mature as a human being.

  4. When was the photo shoot and interview done? I noticed that there was no reference to her filming project STILL ALICE which is already in production and shooting is scheduled to start early March. This was confirmed in mid-Jan 2014.

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  6. YAY-new Kristen cover-FINALLY! Gorgeous as usual! This interview was done in November of last year according to the one who posted it on Twitter.

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