How to Keep Your Bong Safe? A Few Tips

Bong is one of the most loved tools to smoke weed and tobacco to experience full on hit. In early centuries, it was a simple device made by carving wood like bamboo having a pipe and a small curved bowl. However, now you find them in varied shapes and sizes.

It is well known fact, that people loving to smoke are sure to be quite possessive about their smoking devices like bongs.  The devices are well treasured and kept safely however there are ample chances of the pipes breaking anytime while you aren’t extra careful.  Moreover, they need to be well maintained to enjoy smooth hit for many years.

Here are few easy to do steps to keep your bong safe:

  • You need to always keep your bong in a safe place after using it.
    • Often people tend to keep the smoking tool in any place where they can be easily reached like on night stands, kitchen counters, dressing table, study table or dining table. There are ample chances of unintentionally knocking them over leading to damaging your cherished bong. It is best to keep in places well confined to prevent breaking.
  • Keep the bong after use in a particular place that is just right for them to keep safe.
    • Your main aim is to choose a place where the bongs won’t fall even accidently. Moreover, the place should be easily accessed and can be remembered anytime you search for your bong.
  • If you are passing your pipe, it is best to suggest your friends to carefully handle it.
    • Often carelessly the glass of pipe cracks and your heart breaks. Hence, it will be better to warn your friends before sharing your pipe with your buddies.
  • Clean your pipe regularly using right methods.
    • Yes, often people don’t do resulting in reducing the work efficiency of pipe and even the durability of the bong.
    • You need to understand some of the easy ways adapted by seasonal bong users to clean the pipe quite efficiently that helps in enhance the life span of the pipe. You can read the blogs posted by expert cleaners of smoking tools and beneficial tips posted by online bong sellers. Moreover, it helps you to enjoy your hobby in a hygienic way.
    • While cleaning you need to be extra cautious as there are chances of the glass shattering into pieces. The water solution needs to be at room temperature and of course the pipe shouldn’t slip from your hand.
  • Need to opt for durable thicker glass while buying your bong.
    • People do buy the wrong water pipe because they are attracted to the creative design of these pipes and to save few bucks. You can choose scientific glass that are thicker and does not easily break. Some glass is even 9mm in thickness thus highly durable.
  • You can buy bong with a wider base or the whole part made of silicon.
    • Glass bongs with a wider base are well known for stability even though they aren’t portable.
    • You can try silicon bong, a trendy one totally non damageable.

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