Should You Hire an Expert Witness?

One of the questions that every car accident attorney in Kansas City must consider in a negligence or personal injury case is whether an expert witness could help the case they are presenting. That largely depends on the details of the case being presented. The following are ways an expert witness can help with some types of legal cases.

Case Evaluation

As your car accident attorney builds your case, they are constantly assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your relative position. An external source of review, though, is always helpful. That is the most basic service an expert brings to your case.

They can quickly assess the merits and drawbacks, lines of attack the defense will pursue and how to parry any assertions the defense makes. You do not have to have an expert in the field that applies to your case review it, but if not, you run the risk of the defense discovering an angle or flaw that you cannot easily combat.

Explain Technical Concepts

Describing a vehicular accident is easy. Describing it in detail is harder. Describing it in technical detail is impossible if you do not know what you are doing. The same applies for medical topics and any other that apply to your case.

For example, you may know that the person that hit you was speeding, but can you prove it? An expert witness probably can. You might know that your injuries were made worse by the speed the negligent operator was traveling, but what evidence do you have? A medical expert can establish how that is the case.

What is more, a good technical expert can explain what your car accident injury attorney has alleged happened in plain English. They can take technical concepts and explain them so that the average person can understand. They can also explain how the other party’s actions was negligence and how it affected your vehicle and injuries.

Examining and Countering the Defense

Excepting pointing out holes in your case, the most important role an expert witness can play is to point out flaws in the defense’s case. This not only can help your attorney prepare a line of attack, it also can provide insight into a successful settlement strategy.

If, for instance, your expert discovers a fatal flaw in the defense’s case, it might make them prone to want a settlement. Conversely, if that expert pinpoints a problem with your case, it can also inform your path forward both in negotiations and in the courtroom.

Not every case needs an expert witness and not every car accident attorney in Kansas City is inclined to use one. With the right case, however, they can provide multiple benefits.

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