Never Dump These Things in Your Drain

Usually, all your drain and plumbing system installed in your house are created for processing liquid. However, if you are like most other people, then you will soon get into the habit of using drains for disposing a number of items.

The obvious solution will be to change the habit and remain vigilant about what you should or should not throw into your drain. You will need frequent help of plumber Sydney if your drain clogs too often.

In order to prevent such situation, you must never ever throw the following items in your drain.

1. Cleaning Products

Though most of the cleaning products can be liquid, but they should not be poured into the drain as they contain many harmful chemicals that may not go with water.

2. Coffee grounds

As per plumbers, coffee grounds are most common reason for drain problem and hence you should never throw them in drain, but throw only in trashcans.

3. Condoms

Since condoms are usually made of latex, it does not disintegrate in water. Hence, you should never flush them and always try to dispose in a trashcan.

4. Eggshells

Often people think crushed up eggshell can go down the drain smoothly, however the fact is that it can actually cause blockage. This is a potential cause for drain clogging.

5. Expandable food

Though some foods can flow with water into the drain, many of them can expand when it gets mixed with water which can clog the drain. Rice and pasta are 2 foods to be careful about.

6. Feminine hygiene products

Almost like condoms, feminine hygiene products will not dissolve in water, which means they can always get stuck in the household pipes and clog your drain.

7. Flour

Flour can clog pipes by coating all the edges and also catch other disposable bits trying to find their way down. Prefer to throw your flour, in the garbage only.

8. Flushable kitty litter

Certain products claimed to be ‘flushable’ like certain brands can still create clogged drains. Flushable wipes also will not break down properly which get caught with other things inside the pipes.

9. Grease, oil and fat

All these substances are usually combined and act as binder for all kinds of materials, like eggshells and can create thick, sticky things that can coat your pipes and does not allow anything to pass through them.

10. Household fluids

These fluids may not cause clogs, but these chemicals are harmful when they get mixed into the water supply.

11. Medication

Though medications may not clog your pipe, it may end up in your water supply line eventually contaminating your water supply too. Therefore, throwing medicine in the drain must be avoided.

12. Paint

Like all cleaning products, you should always avoid pouring paint in the drain though it is liquid. Paint has got the potential to easily pollute the environment as well as clog your drain.

13. Paper products

Besides toilet paper no other paper product should be allowed into the drain. Toilet papers are especially designed for breaking down and then disintegrate in water.

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