A Dummies Guide On How To Design Your Home Lighting

Home lighting can change the atmosphere and appearance of any home drastically. By choosing the right option, an amazing ambiance, value and style can be created. This needs your time and effort, and thus research well before you invest on home lighting.

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Various Kinds Of Lighting

While designing your home, lighting plays an important role. It helps to enhance the d├ęcor color, easy to distinguish areas and provide warmth. Three different kinds of lighting design add up to provide the ultimate lighting solution.

  1. General Lighting: The most commonly used option is general light, which is also known as ambient lighting. Its main use is to provide sufficient in the whole room. It is a very important category, as it needs to be sufficiently illuminated for people to see properly and be safe.
  2. Task Lighting: It is used to lighten more specific areas. This type of lighting is used in addition to general one. For example, a reading lamp for a desk, bathroom mirrors lights, and many more.
  3. Accent Lighting: It is potentially the most creative option. It uses light to create different moods and highlight any feature. For example, a feature plant or using any LED to create a gloomy corner and many more.

A Lighting Guide for Homes

From Entrance to the bedroom, every place is an opportunity to use the lights creatively, in order to make an impression. From choosing a chandelier to a table lamp, there is so much variety to choose from, and every variety has a different impact on the person who is looking at it. Here is a simple guide for different areas and suitable light fixtures:

  • Entrance and Hallway: Entrance and Hallways should be sufficiently light as well as be inviting and warm at the same time. You can create different environment by choosing different kinds of lighting products. For example, a chandelier or pendant light for high ceiling, a traditional hanging lantern for opulent look and table lamp for console table in the hallway, and many more
  • Staircase: Staircase has a great opportunity to be creative and at the same time make it safe. For example, a spiral stairwell pendant for double ceiling height, in order to have a focal point also you can choose crystal shades.
  • Living Room: Living rooms need to be comfortable, bright, and relaxing, as it is one of the most used areas of any home. Always use a combination of wall lighting, ceiling, and table or floor lamps to create a comfortable environment. For the center of the room, a chandelier or a pendant for high ceiling. To set the right mood, you can add dimmable lights.
  • Dining Room: It is an area where people eat, so it needs to be dealt with care. Having a ceiling light that mirrors the dining table is very important. A pendant is recommended for a rectangular dining table.
  • Bedroom: Bedrooms are designed according to their usage. it is best to have a crystal chandelier for opulent look, wall lights or side lamp for the relaxing look and swing arm wall light for people, who like to read in bed.

Planning properly is the key to a well-illuminated home. The main purpose of having proper lighting in the home is that it is comfortable, easily controllable, and energy-efficient.

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