Be Aware About Safe Driving Tips During Wet Weather

If you are a regular driver then you will understand that driving during wet weather is a little different from driving during normal weather. Often driving under such condition can be dangerous too, if you are not careful enough.

While you are learning driving lesson in any driving schools , you will be given certain special instructions to follow under such conditions. Make sure that your vehicle is fully ready with following conditions while driving during wet condition.

  • Your tyre has good tread
  • Both front as well as back lights including brake lights are functioning
  • You have got clear windscreen
  • Wind screen wiper is functioning

During the wet conditions due to rain following are few factors that may affect any driver to drive his vehicle in a proper manner.

  • Visibility

Visibility of the road as well as the condition of your mirror can make driving quite challenging during rain or fog. Therefore, the driver needs to be extra careful while driving, particularly locating any pedestrian on the road.

  • Slippery road

During wet weather the road usually gets sleepy and therefore one must never drive above 40 MPH speed. There is every chance that your tyre may get slipped. Particularly while turning your vehicle, you must drive at a very low speed.

  • Hard braking

Always avoid hard braking during wet weather as the driver who is following you may not be in a position to stop immediately.

By applying hard brake, the car following you may hit your vehicle and there can be series of vehicles hitting the front vehicle.

  • Early braking

With early braking you can give yourself sufficient amount of space to stop in a safe manner. Ignore if any other drivers are impatient and driving fast. You are responsible for your own safety.

  • Speed

Try to drive slowly and resist pressure from other fast drivers.

How to drive in wet weather?

It is recommended that you must keep yourself updated with weather forecasts before you step out for driving particularly during rainy season. However, if you suddenly encounter unexpected wet weather then you may follow all these safety tips.

  • Drive slowly in order to avoid any skidding and aquaplaning
  • Keep your lights at low beam, which will enable you to see the road easily
  • Turn on your demister or air conditioner to keep the windscreen clear from condensation
  • Keep the distance between your car and the car, which is immediately ahead of you at double the normal distance.
  • Avoid applying brake suddenly or turning quickly or accelerating for reducing your car skidding
  • Prefer not to drive on any unsealed roads
  • Always use the markings of the road line for staying at centre of your lane. During wet weather it will be more important to maintain correct position while on the road
  • Avoid driving on roads which is covered with water
  • Watch out for any landslides as heavy rain can often cause layers of soil and rock to move
  • Prefer to stay away from any stagnant water by the road side.

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