How To Solve The Common SEO Issues Of Your Website

If you are not getting adequate traffic on the website or failing to get conversions, then it could be because of issues in your SEO implementation.  It can be because you are not aware of the right keywords to target.

In this article, we will discuss how to deal with common types of issues in SEO.

Slow page speed

Users need a fast loading time. They do not have time and patience to wait endlessly on a website to load. A slow-loading website disappoints them and compels them to move to other websites.

It is advised to use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to rate the page speed from time to time. If you find that your website is slow then there are several tools available online that can help improve the page speed of your website.

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Unutilized Or Missing Or Image Filenames And Alt Tags

Images can assist your SEO if wen they are optimized alt tags and filenames. It is important to know that all image filenames as to be descriptive. They should have keywords in it that increase their chances to rank higher on the search engine results page.

Descriptive alt tags enable Google to understand the images on the website and enhance the accessibility of the website.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content can result in lower rankings. Google does not favor those websites that have duplicate content in them. Google views those websites as less beneficial for users.

Duplicate content can be one of the reasons why you are not able to reap the benefits out of your SEO practices. Use tools like Duplichecker and CopyScape to make sure your website content should not resemble any other content present on the website.

Index Your Website On Search Engine

Indexing your website on Google is an effective way to bring your organic traffic to your business. If your website is indexed then it will show up in the search results when you type its name in the search bar.

If you do not find its name to appear in the search results of Google, then it indicates that it is not indexed. You will have to manually submit it to Google to get it indexed. This is an important step that can help to expand your customer base and increasing business sales.

Non-optimized URLs

The use of keyword in the URL is another way to optimize your website. Ensure that you use the main keyword in it, and keep it relatively short. Prefer the use of hyphens in place of underscores for separating words in the URL. Also, append the URL with a popular top-level domain such as .com, .edu, and .org.


Search engine optimization improves the performance of search engines and helps you get more amount of quality traffic to the website.  If you do not see these advantages, then it indicates a problem in SEO. You need to take the necessary steps to fix it. The above measures will help improve your SEO and reap desired benefits from it.

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