Question-list To Help You Find the Right Preschool

Mentally and physically preparing yourself to send your tiny one to preschool is hard on any parent. Besides, choosing the right preschool is a huge challenge. If you got a good reference for a preschool close to your residence in Tennessee, then you need to plan a physical visit.

TQEE is a popular early education facility for small children. Quality education is offered to developing minds for a better future. On you can read the child care system’s restructuring policy aimed to offer high-quality affordable options.

Never hesitate to ask questions. You don’t desire to leave your child and feel uncomfortable the whole day. The preschool directors are aware that every parent is overly concerned. Before you visit the facility, check the questions given below to ask the potential preschool directors and staff.

Are teachers credentialed?

Preschool teacher’s job requirements differ from one state to another. The headteacher must have a minimum B.A or M.A degree. It is better if they studied early childhood development. All the staff does not need to have high education, but they need to be gentle with the kids. Ask how long have the teachers been working in the school. If there is a high exit rate, it means the teachers are not satisfied with the preschool’s managing team. It is a red flag!

What is the school’s educational philosophy?

Preschools differ in their basic educational philosophy. It includes Montessori, Waldorf, Emilia, Reggio, religion-based, or parent-run co-operative. The kind of philosophy the school follows will strongly determine how your child spends the tine. How philosophy will shape the curriculum? If individual learning is focused on, then how will they teach cooperation? If cooperation is emphasized, then how does school foster autonomy and leadership?

What is their approach to discipline and conflicts?

Conflicts among preschoolers are inevitable. They are still learning appropriate behavior and social norms. Ask how the teachers respond when a child bites, kicks, or hits. Do they use disciplinary techniques or allow the children to sort out the issues among themselves? At what point do parents get notified?

Door policy and child safety

What measures are there to ensure safety? Is there a sign-in/out procedure? Are keypad locks installed? Who can pick up the children, and who manages it? What is the fire disaster plans? What is the drop-in policy associated with parents? In an emergency, how does the school reach parent? If a kid gets hurt, what is the protocol? Does the facility have pediatric first aid, trained CPR staff, nutrition, and playground safety?

Outdoor activities

Kids need outdoor activities as it helps to develop their motor skills. Unfortunately, kids are not getting sufficient physical activities due to studies. Find out how much time do the preschoolers play outdoors? What is the policy for high outdoor temperatures or extreme weather?

What is the teacher: student ratio?

Ask about the teacher: student ratio. It helps to determine how much personal attention your child can get. If the classes are divided by age then teachers can teach at the same developmental level. If the class has mixed-age groups, then the young kids learn old ones. If diversity is what you prefer, then ask for classes with mixed age groups.

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