Do You Know About Different Kinds of Pipe Screens Used?

Most commonly available pipe screens are usually made of certain metal mesh, which is cut into smaller circles, and are bent to fit inside the bowl. The basic idea is that when fine ash and smoke will fall through, then large chunks will be held in place.

By using a suitable pipe screen will keep your pipe cleaner, but important point is that it should stop large ash clumps from getting pulled through into your mouth.

Few people also use screens while smoking from bubblers and bongs to help keeping their water clean. Often bongs have larger bowls too, where any unsmoked material may accidentally get sucked through. Therefore, you need to use certain pipe screens for preventing this kind of unnecessary waste from unsmoked herb.

Following are few different kinds of screen that are commonly used for pipes.

1. Brass screens

Brass screens, which are used in tobacco pipes, have been in use since decades and served its purpose well. They can prevent your pipe from clogging draught hole, stem and shank. Brass screens can easily be adapted for pipes and bongs that are used for smoking the weed.

You can easily obtain these screens from any smoke shop or by visiting online shops like who can supply you good quality of screen.

Only downside of brass screens is that they get degraded over some time. Any bong can generate substantial heat, and brass constituent have low melting point.

2. Stainless steel screens

Also, the stainless-steel screens will operate in similar way like brass screens however, the basic difference is they are little more durable. This screen is made from same stainless steel that are used in household pans and pots.

They generally have a quite high melting point, so can take long time to wear out because of thermal shock like changing from hot condition to cold and vice versa.

3. Quartz and glass screens

Usually, quartz and glass screens are made for certain specific size, so that it can fit the bowl precisely. These can be most durable screens as they will not wear out, because glass can withstand high amount of heating.

Any borosilicate glass will have lower thermal expansion coefficient and hence make it resistant to any thermal shock. Therefore, for pipes and bongs this can be ideal material.

Quartz screens are also the same, but pure silica have no additives such as boron trioxide and also can withstand high temperatures.

Whether you should use screen or not use any screen at all

Often many people also do not prefer to choose any screens at all. However, few people think it is absolutely necessary for them. Their art of smoking any pipe or any bong remains almost the same irrespective of whether they prefer to choose screen or not.

The most pleasurable experience usually will be more about their technique rather than anything else. Finally, at the end of the day, all that you will need is to get a perfectly clean hit of any kind of funky weed that you may choose to smoke.

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