Reasons To Install LED Parking Lot Lights – Things To Consider Before Buying

Is it true that you are considering introducing some LED Parking Lot Lights? It’s a beneficial venture, huge energy investment funds, and decent light for beginners. Along with this, they lessen the expense of upkeep and a lot more secure wellspring of lights. Choosing the right lighting for your parking garage has a significant effect. There are different LED lights accessible with various mounts, wattages, highlights, and so forth, and so on, and picking one from them is an overwhelming undertaking. To help you in making an informed decision, we have made this guide.


What are LED Parking Lot Lights?


LED Parking Lot Lights are parking garage lights made by utilizing LED (Light-emitting Diode) innovation. The LED innovation takes into consideration impressive energy savings and good light quality.


This one might be self-evident however, what may not be clear is that despite the fact that we call them parking lot lights, they are actually universally handy territory lights. We can utilize them for floodlighting or sports lighting purposes also. The potential uses are somewhat perpetual.


Reasons to Use LED Lights in Parking Lot




Lights May does not make any difference in the rear of the stockroom, however retail and different zones with clients do make a difference. New LED Lights look additionally engaging and give the region a refreshed look.




The LED lights offer lower vitality and upkeep costs. For the most part, the LED light has a helpful existence of 100,000 hours. This implies you won’t need to supplant them as frequently as HID lights at regular intervals.


Simple To Manage 


The process is hassle-free and doesn’t require extra time to manage it. No stabilizers to change or bulbs to trade out, that sell it in that spot. You can concentrate on specific zones and light up or make them dim. There are so many reasons for you to alter the brilliance of the lights. It very well may be to follow the municipal lighting code or to diminish light pollution. You don’t have this adaptability with the HID lights.




One reason to pick LED lights for the parking area is security. Parking garages that are not sufficiently bright can be risky for everybody. From homes for different violations to erratic driving mishaps, these can happen if the parcel isn’t sufficiently bright.


When you have LED lights in your parking garage, it will cause individuals to feel more secure and clients bound to stop by. On the off chance that the part isn’t sufficiently bright, with LED lights you can make the parking area more secure and more splendid, and still spare some vitality.


Alongside this, it works extraordinarily with CCTV. On the off chance that a mishap happens, the security video can catch the episode obviously.

The Parking area Light mask has a photocell in it. The Photocell has a sensor that guarantees that the light turns off during the day.


Understand the LED lights mounting options


Getting familiar with mounting option is crucial because you may order a trunnion-mount when you need is a slip fitter. Knowing the mounting options allows you to order the right kind, which saves aggravation, time, and money.


  •       Slip fitter– The fixture can be mounted on a bull horn. Slip fitter easily inserts in the tenon 2 3/8th” in diameter.


  •       Straight arm– The light is mounted to the light pole with a bolt. The round poles have adapters. The poles are pre-drilled to match with the bolt pattern in the straight arms.


  •       Trunnion– The mount is bolted to a pole, wall, or arm. It is often needed for floodlights. A trunnion is an adjustable option that accommodates the needs of the different installation. It is also referred to as Yoke mount.

Distribution pattern to consider


The distribution pattern in the parking lot lighting ensures that drivers and pedestrians are safe anywhere in the space. Common light distribution patterns used in the parking lot are –


  1.    Type III –It throws light taller than Type II but the side-to-side throw is short. It is an idea for parking lots for perimeter lighting.
  2.    Type V– It produces a circular distribution of equal illumination in every position. Experts recommend this type for parking lot center or flooding large areas with light.


Other aspects to consider for parking lots


  • Color rendering index [light quality] is around 70 CRI
  • Color temperature needs to be between 3000 and 6000 Kelvins

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