Reasons Why You Should Say No to DIY Dry Cleaning and Leave It to The Experts

In the past, dry cleaning was not a very common thing as common people did not wear expensive shirts and suits to work. Now, everyone has to wear formal clothes to work or even at expensive clubs. As the demand for dry cleaning increased the prices also became quite affordable for everyone.

Although it is affordable, people still try to save money on dry cleaning experts and do it at home. Well, there are a lot of things that you can’t do without expert help. The work of a plumber is to fix pipes, he cannot write articles professionally. Similarly, not everyone can do dry cleaning at home. This is why we need expert help.

Where will you get the expert help?

If you don’t want to waste your time to visit a dry cleaner, you can request for home pickup and delivery at The Shirt Butler. They provide environmentally friendly, hand finished dry cleaning without damage to your clothes. Your clothes will not go missing during pick-up or delivery as they have a fully tracked system for such services.

They have professional dry cleaners to remove all kinds of stains from your suits, shirts, skirts, dresses, wedding dresses made of all kinds of fabrics like silk, linen, leather, suede, Cashmere, and many more. The prices start from $8.99 and the items are returned in a re-usable VIP bag, clean and safe. To get professional dry cleaning for your clothes, visit:

Why get expert help when you can Do It Yourself (DIY)?

There are several reasons why you should not be trusting your at-home dry cleaning kit. The following are some reasons.

  • An at-home dry cleaning kit might not help in removing most stains, including ground-in soils and oil-based stains. They require professional cleaning.
  • You might not get the clean, crisp, and pressed look when you do it yourself at home.
  • To use at-home kits, you must do your research. If you don’t know how to handle it, you might end up damaging your expensive dress to save a few dollars.
  • You must leave heavy stains to dry cleaners as they know which chemical will remove the stain without damaging the specific type of fabric. It is a science to remove stains.
  • Do not try at-home dry cleaning on fabrics like leather, suede, or fur as they require professional treatment and are expensive too.
  • If you don’t want to damage your wedding dress, coats, suits, tuxedos, and blazers, leave it to the professionals.

What is the process under professional dry cleaning?

There is a process to be followed by every professional dry cleaner. The first thing they do is to tag and inspect the labels on your clothes to find if they have no missing buttons or tears to be fixed.

Next, they give a pre-treatment to your clothes where a formula is used to help to make stain removal easier. Finally, they start the dry cleaning where all stains are removed and give post-cleaning treatments like pressing, folding, and packaging. The formula and equipment might not be available at home.

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