Guide About How To Treat A New Piercing

Having a piercing is not a big deal, but having a double helix piercing is. It takes a lot of time to heal, and you have to be careful during the process to avoid any scare of infection, swelling, and scarring while getting a new piercing

Steps you should practice while getting a piercing

These steps are tried and tested and have worked wonders for a lot of people however everyone is not the same. Different People have different skin types, but if you are looking to get a helix piercing the first thing to keep in mind is choosing high-quality helix earrings. Pierceoff has a variety of earrings available varying in sizes, materials, colors, and so on

  • Clean the Ears

Use antibacterial soap to clean the ears. Preferably a medicated soap having chloroxylenol.  Before applying soap, ensure that you rinse your hands, and pre-wash your ears so it’s going to be easier for the soap to lather. This should be done twice a day.

  • Avoid Irritants

Keep your hairspray, hair, and other piercing irritants away. When chatting on your phone or wearing earphones, be vigilant because you want your piercing to be quite bacteria-free.

  • Use the correct material

Ensure that the best material is used to make your jewellery. Usually, stainless steel and platinum and gold free of nickel are fine. Stop using metal, like sterling silver, containing traces of lead.

  • Don’t use a gun

Don’t have a gun piercing your ear. You are rapidly driving a blunt post into your flesh when doing so, and this might lead to scarring. Ensure that you use a sharp, hollow needle from your piercer that is thrown away after use. With a pistol, cartilage piercings cannot be pierced.

Steps that should be avoided during a new piercing

  • Don’t rush into it

Normally, piercings are irreversible. They can shrink or heal-up, but they’re usually there for a long time once they’re there. But you must be 100 percent sure that later on, you will not regret it.

You should consider waiting for a bit until you learn the meaning of getting a piercing. If you like that in a couple of months with the same level of curiosity, so go ahead. Also, use the opportunity to, read the do’s and don’ts and research a bit. Before piercing holes, educate yourself.

  • Don’t fiddle around

Try as far as possible to stop fiddling with the new piercing. Infections are popular for Helix piercings, and the more you fiddle, the more chances there are for that to happen. If you have to fiddle, first rinse your hands and do so softly.

Helix piercings, whether they are bashed around a lot, are often vulnerable to hypertrophic and keloid scarring. Usually, they are a spike across the piercings. Keloids need to be monitored by a doctor, but salt soaks usually vanish with hypertrophic scarring.


Many of these concepts can also be applied to other piercings as well. Sometimes during the healing procedure, you can also try to rotate your piercing so that it doesn’t get stuck.

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