Why Is It A Good Idea to Review Your Auto Insurance Policy Every Year

The pressing need for insurance has been re-established during the pandemic situation. Insurance helps us handle sudden financial emergencies. When it comes to auto insurance, it helps us avert risk of losing a huge sum in the event of an accident, theft or natural disasters that results in personal injuries and car damages. Now it is good time to review your auto insurance.

Need for reviewing auto insurance policy:

  • To ensure ample coverage: One’s insurance policy must sufficiently cover the losses so the other family members are covered in future during your absence. The insurance needs increases with age, which makes it necessary to review your insurance plan every year.
  • To accommodate lifestyle changes: Changes to lifestyles calls for different insurance needs. Increase in income improves the standard of living which increases the need for a higher insurance plan.
  • Access to new-age policy cover benefits: The range of inclusions offered is bound to change with every passing year which could include lifelong coverage, coverage for a particular medical treatment, international coverage etc. If any of these plans could benefit you, you should upgrade your policy.
  • More family members: If your son/ daughter have recently received their license, you’ll have to add him to your auto insurance policy.
  • Purchase of a new car: If you have purchased a new car, transferring the same old policy for the new car wouldn’t provide sufficient coverage.

Shopping for a new plan from scratch can be challenging. If you are looking for a good insurance plan, refer to Truly Insurance website for honest reviews on insurance companies. Check out Ameriprise rating by Truly Insurance and consider discussing about their auto insurance plans with their insurance agent.

Tips to review your auto insurance coverage:

Check what is covered in the policy. Refer the policy declaration page that lists out several information including deductibles, coverage, coverage limits, list of drivers, endorsements or riders etc. Prior to policy renewal, review these details and alter the limits if required.

  • Liability limit: If you caused an accident, your liability coverage covers the medical expenses of the passengers in the other car. If you feel that the mandatory liability coverage isn’t enough, opt for a higher plan.
  • Physical damage: You require collision and comprehension coverage to protect your vehicle from damages that resulted from accidents, theft and other non-collision damages like vandalism, fires, flood etc. These plans aren’t mandatory but it is a best idea to opt for it if you are leasing or financing your car.
  • Medical coverage: Medical payment coverage covers medical expenses of those in your car during the time of collision. Some states require drivers to hold personal injury protection coverage (PIP) to cover lost expenses, funeral services etc.
  • Deductibles: Deductible refers to the amount you pay after a covered loss. If you increase your deductible the premium amount comes down but you’ll have to make sure you’ll be able to afford the amount

Enquire about available discounts with your insurance agent. Carefully review all the details before changing your auto insurance plan.


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