Dogs As Pets

Pets are the lovable part of a family. Those timid, friendly animals become an integral part of the house very soon. I still remember the how my younger brother placed the cute puppy on my lap on the day it entered our lives. How it had not yet opened its eyes and how it had curled up in my lap? Dogs are the favorite pets more the youngsters and adults alike. It has been in the history that dogs have always been close to humans. The sweet and protective nature of the dogs makes them perfect companion and security for the family. There are other pets such as rabbits, cats, birds, fishes, but dogs will always be special. Dogs such as Pomeranian, Doberman, pugs are a few favorite species of dogs. In Europe the bull terriers are the famous pet dogs that are sold in large quantities. The inherent qualities of a dog make them selfless. They never ask anything in return from humans. Dogs are nature’s best offered pets as they are both an emotional as well as physical support. The unconditional support and love they give are highly exceptional.

All they need in return is a never ending togetherness in which they all seek the happiness of the world. This way dogs make the best pet and best friend who will never keep you lonely or feeling sad. Usually dogs are territorial animals. They always are very serious about the place they live, they will not allow any stranger or another dog into their territory. In fact they will protest another pet at home. This jealousy and anger are only their behavior that adds extra security to your home. Dogs are highly intelligent and talented animals that are great fun when played with. The owner shall teach their pet dog to socialize with the members closer to family, neighbors, relatives and friends. Any person other than those in your circle can be a danger to you; dogs will easily keep them away from the limits of your homes. The dogs can give security from trespassers, thieves and other antisocial elements.


5 Common Types of Insurance in Florida

Insurance is an important asset as it protects you should the unexpected occur. Some types of insurance, such as medical, are beneficial regardless of where you live. However, other types of insurance are specific to certain areas. Regardless of whether you are moving south or you are a native Floridian, here are five types of insurance in Florida to consider.

Home Insurance

Everyone knows that natural disasters are nothing new to the state of Florida. During the dry months of summer, wildfires can occur which can threaten land and homes. During the fall, the always unpredictable hurricane season arrives, bringing with it its own set of dangers. Regardless of whether you own a house, a condominium, or rent, home insurance will allow for the reimbursement of losses should one of these catastrophic events occur.

Vehicle Coverage

No matter where you live, automotive insurance is required while operating a vehicle. However, each state has its own requirements as to what must be covered. For this reason, your coverage must be transferred when you move to Florida to ensure that you comply with the state’s requirements.

Life Insurance

Most people don’t like the idea of their own mortality so planning for an unexpected death is often put aside. Purchasing a life insurance policy will protect your loved ones should the unthinkable happen, especially if you’re married with children. These policies can provide financial assistance to your spouse and help them get through this difficult time, You can also provide benefits to those closest to you or financial assistance to adult children, ensuring that everyone will be fine when you’re no longer around.

Watercraft Coverage

Florida is a state full of rivers and lakes and is surrounded on three sides by major bodies of water. Understanding the landscape of the state, it’s no wonder that water sports are so popular. However, that also means that there is an increased possibility of watercraft damage or someone getting injured. Watercraft coverage will insure your watercraft and protect you should someone get injured during your outings. Additionally, watercraft insurance provides peace of mind when a hurricane hits and your watercraft is under threat of damage.

Medical Coverage

While some types of insurance are specific to Florida, the state is no different when it comes to the importance of health insurance. Whether you have major health problems, a minor disability, or are in need of a medication prescription, medical coverage will help you with those potentially costly bills.

Every day in your life has unpredictable moments, making insurance an important asset to acquire. While some of these policies are common regardless of where you live, others are specific to the state. These five types of insurance in Florida will provide the peace of mind to enjoy your life.


6 Healthy Indian Foods To Include In Your Diet

Eating healthily doesn’t have to mean eating bland, uninspiring food. The people of India have known this for years and enjoy a varied diet of vegetables, meat and pulses; all freshly cooked and packed with spices and flavours.

Many people assume that because a lot of it is fried, or because we enjoy it as ‘treat’ here in the UK, Indian food must be bad for us. But in fact, the cuisine of India has many health-giving properties that we could all benefit from adding to our western diets. Here are some examples of Indian staples and delicacies that are as delicious as they are good for us…


Originating from the south of India, the humble idli is cheap and easy to prepare, and is a versatile morsel that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack. Best of all though, this simple savoury cake is low in fat, easily digestible and contains amino acids in the dal and rice that’s used in the batter. The fermentation process of the batter also boosts the proteins and vitamin B content present in the dish.


Dhoklas are a staple snack in the state of Gujarat, and once again can be eaten at any time of day. Like idli, they are also made from a fermented batter – this time made with gram flour and then steamed – which boosts their nutritional value. Dhokla have a low glycemic index, meaning they release glucose more gradually; this makes them a great source of energy, particularly for diabetics.


Sattu is a type of flour that is used to make parathas, laddoos, lit chokhas and more. It used to be made with roasted chickpeas, but now includes other nutritionally dense ingredients such as barley and wheat. Sattu is rich in fibre and protein and is good for the digestive system.


One of the most popular breakfast cereals in northern India, Daliya is made with broken wheat or whole wheat grits. This form of complex carbohydrate– which can be served sweet or savoury –releases glucose slowly, making it a great food for diabetics, those with high cholesterol or those watching their weight.


Also known as pearl millet, bajra is particularly popular in Rajasthan, where it has been widely eaten since pre-historic times. These days it is most commonly eaten in the form of khichdis or rotis, especially in the cooler winter months.


Being a predominantly vegetarian country, dal (or lentils) make up a large part of the Indian diet. These dried pulses are packed with vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, thiamine and folic acid, iron and zinc. Lentils are also an excellent source of protein and several studies have shown that they can improve our both our heart and digestive health.

Of course it’s not just about health, but flavour too. To experience a taste of delicious Indian food – without the greasiness that can sometimes come with your standard high street curry house – head to one of London’s best Indian restaurants today.

News Technology

Productivity Changes By Oracle

Now a day the industry has the fastest rate of growth in the entire technical sector as well as commercial sectors and there are no signals of slowing down the progress. In fact, the global cloud for the computation of marketing is growing continuously and rapidly day by day in high rate of progression. In this situation a perfect environment has been created for the most proactive, positive and professional attitudes in the latest professional work space in the internet. Hence as a result of which a highly remarkable position for the leaders has visualized by the experts in the company. These experts are generally belongs to the management team of the company who are the specialists in the sectors of oracle DBA. Before entering into the sector one must be well prepared for the job by continuing his or her tuition and learning in a systematic schema so that he or she could get the job easily and can stick to his position rightly.

The all role for the companies has been done by a number of different categorized employees whereas the role of a DBA is about to 20% of the total work. Therefore the knowledge of programming experience in SQL or PL helps the DBA the most for the creation of different design and style sheets for the company as a latest trade in commercial sector. An oracle DBA has got more success if he or she has knowledge about the oracle designing and the oracle developing. Mainly the multinational and the multimedia organizations are providing a large area of the job for the oracledata base administrator with some desired condition that they must have an experience in the programming languages such as PL and SQL. They are also giving a great chance to the developers having DBA exposure along with skills related to the scripting of UNIX shell.


Style Speaks: The Must-Have Coats Every Woman Should Have This Winter

Winter is here, and there are essential tricks and tips for a classic winter style. One of the essential items that should be in your wardrobe is a winter coat. In this season, the type of coat you wear will convey more of your professionalism and style outside the fashion premises.

Either you embrace a bright coat look, or a sharply tailored one, each of them will elevate your style to a higher level. Investing for a coat this winter, try to look for something that is practical and can keep you warm all throughout, but is still fashionable too.

Most of the coats are sleek and chic but discovering one that will also provide warmth this winter is highly essential. For a little help, listed below are the five must-have coats every woman should have this winter.


When the weather begins to cool down, and you can sense the winter chill floating in the air, nothing surpasses the faux fur coats. These coats are incredibly warm, cozy, and super chic. Faux fur coats are perfect for winter because they look perfect with just about any clothing item.

Either you are wearing a shirt and jeans or a slimming bodycon dress, faux fur coats will do all the work for your clothing outfit. Keep your ensemble simple and let the faux fur coat do all the talking.

This type of coat materializes from synthetic materials like polyester or acrylic which makes the coat a lot easier to clean and to deal with compared to an authentic fur. In comparison to an actual fur, faux fur coats also last for a long time.

A well-made faux fur coat’s synthetic fibers are more flexible and can last up to repeated wear. Make sure that you take special care of your faux fur coats. Keep them, along with the others in a dry and cool place.

Classic Trench

You can never go wrong with an understated and elegant trench coat. A classic trench coat already stands the test of time due to its unparalleled versatility and durability. Another great thing about this type of coat is that it can outlive seasons like no other clothing can.

Now, various colors and twists have been incorporated in a classic trench coat to elevate and enhance its beauty. Trench coats are a classic investment that will never stop shining. These coats are practical and stylish.

But, when you opt-in wearing a trench coat this winter, make sure to wear a good shirt beneath. Layering serves as an advantage because it prohibits you from feeling suffocated when layering the warm clothes.

Pea Coats

Pea coats are a fashionable and well-known outerwear style for both women and men alike in cold weather. These coats present a double-breasted stud fastener with a lapel and a broad notched collar.

Customarily, pea coats come from scratchy and heavy wool in either black or navy. But as the years pass by, the material used in the process has softened, and the hues available have expanded.

These coats let the person wearing it, smoothly change from casual to formal with poise. Put it over a blouse and jeans, and it immediately adds an element of casual sophistication. Pea coats are versatile, warm, and timeless.

Leather Jackets

There are numerous outerwear and coats to available on the market. However, only a few pieces offer a similar level of flexibility as a leather jacket. These leather jackets are not only intended for men, but women can also take advantage of them as well.

These Women’s Clothing is a timeless and classic style, that will never go out of style. You can be confident enough that these leather jackets will not fade right away after a few years of using.

Additionally, these jackets are a form-fitting type of garment, aiming to highlight the shape of your body. It will grasp your body to emphasize your form and improve your natural appearance which makes you stand out from the rest.


When you can already feel the cold winter breeze, various winter gears like gloves and scarves starts coming out. And when it comes to the winter coats, a parka is an excellent choice. It is a variety of coat with a hood and sometimes lined with a faux or real fur.

A perfect parka can help you to stay warm and dry, regardless of the weather. Parkas are multilayered coats or jackets intended to forbid the wind, cold, and snow. You can acquire parkas for every sort of weather, plus there are choices for every price too.


Buying the best winter coats is vital because it will fill in the gaps in your wardrobe during the cold season. Investing for a coat requires you to look for something useful and feasible, and that will give you the sufficient warmth that you need. The must-have coats for winter are faux fur coats, classic trench coats, pea coats, leather jackets,  and parkas.


Disability insurance claims law

If you are filling a long term disability claim when you become ill or have been injured and cannot work, it is supportive to know that disability insurance is more hard than most insurance. There are very hard rules that must be followed.

Be alert about time deadlines and limitations. In the policy it will say when a claim must be field. Most policies have a sixty days filling window. Be sure to file paperwork ahead of deadlines, and sending all records and documents by overnight registered mail.

Keep your disability claim informative secret. Do not post comments or details or complaints on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other disability-related forums, chat rooms, bulletin boards, social networking websites, or other internet places. It does not matter if you have just filed a claim or the insurance firm has been paying your advantages for 10 years – putting this detail on the web could lead to your losing the advantages.

Insurance firms watch social media for their claimants extremely carefully and more than one person has lost their advantages or had a judge render a different decision based on their internet comments. If you are filling for a long-term disability claim and post holiday photos that show you hiking the mountains, the insurance firms will consider the images proof against your claim.

Once a claim is received by the disability insurance firm with the help of ERISA lawyerthey will deliver you forms that are needed to process the claim. Among them will be an applicant statement, attending physical statement, and authorization forms allowing access to financial, health and occupational materials from 3rd parties.

Financial records are used to evaluate assets, income and earnings. This feels prying and intrusive but providing the detail rightly is vital. For salaried workers, tax returns and W2 earnings statements will be easy enough to provide. If you own a business or are a partner in an expert practice or another hard earning condition, the request for monetary records can be overwhelming. It is vital to check the specific language of the policy to learn what the disability insurance firm is entitled to – and what is none of their business. The policy is the contract that governs the full process. If you are asked to give something that is not added in the policy, contact the insurance firm to clarify and describe the request. Carefully document questions to reduce non-compliance problems.

Most disability policies need you to undergo an IME (Independent Medical Exam). Bear in mind that the doctor performing the examination is being paid by the insurance firm. Disability insurance firm doctors are not independent. Be alert! Disability claimants who trust they are speaking with a sympathetic are forever doctor surprise when the doctor who seemed so perfect reports that they perfectly capable to go to work. Many new court decisions, including several in our own practice, have found it extremely clear that the medical exams paid by the insurance firms are not independent. This inbuilt conflict of interest is something the courts are watching cautiously.

Home Improvement

Understanding The Basics Of Performing A Bathroom Renovation


There are many homeowners that are looking into trying to update their existing bathrooms. Some of these homeowners may want to do it because of aesthetic reasons while others may want the renovation done due to functionality, accessibility, or even health hazards. Whatever the reason for the renovation, it is important that the proper steps be taken so that the renovation will be completed correctly, be up to building code, and will last the homeowner a long time.

Performing the Renovation

There are two ways that a homeowner can tackle a renovation –hiring a contractor or taking on the job themselves. Hiring a contractor takes most of the worry out of a renovation; however, it is important that a homeowner does as much research as possible about the contractor prior to hiring them so that they can make sure that they are licensed, insured, and bonded. This is a safety net for both the contractor and the homeowner. It is also a good idea to make sure that the lines of communications are left open so that a homeowner can inform the contractor of exactly what they want the renovation to look like, the price that they are willing to spend, and the deadline for the end of the project.If a homeowner has some do-it-yourself experience then they may be ready to tackle the job on their own. They need to make sure that they are following proper building codes, such as installing ground fault interrupter outlets to ensure adequate electrical safety, to minimize the chance of risk of property damage or bodily injury. One of the perks of a homeowner doing the renovation themselves is that they can pick, and install, their own unique bathroom accessories to give that personal touch to their bathrooms. These accessories can be anything from custom medicine cabinets and towel holders to custom crown molding and soap dishes. The homeowner is only limited by their imagination. Although renovating a bathroom is quite an undertaking, there are many resources online that can help to guide a homeowner into performing the renovation safely and on budget.


Bathroom renovations are a good way to add equity and personalization into a home. Many homeowners find that they can breathe new life into an old bathroom by performing minor renovations such as painting, installing new floor tiles, and replacing old and outdated accessories with new ones. If a homeowner takes the time to plan ahead before they start the renovation they will find that the process will go a lot smoother and that they can visualize the end product easier than if they were to start the project without a plan.


Few Best Venice Canal Boat Cruise Tours

You must have surely seen any postcard with picture-perfect scenery of Grand Canal-of-Venice and end up concluding yourself that it must surely be a painting. However, Grand Canal’s picturesque beauty really exists. This bustling canal never remains idle. You can have water crafts that are shuttling people during oddest of hours of the day, as there is no other way to move around this Floating-City.

If you ever happen to go by cruise around this Grand Canal during sunset, you are really in for a grand soulful treat. There are few best ways you can cruise the grand canal.

  1. Grand Canal Gondola Cruise – A Romantic Dinner And Quality Time Assured
  2. Enjoy a traditional music on a Gondola-ride on this Grand Canal and get into this windy Venetian canal while you go for the cruise.
  3. Explore parts of this Grand Canal and many other hidden canals that are under the magical sky during evening.
  4. Savour genuine Italian cuisine along with fresh sea food and few local delicacies at any fine dine restaurant.
  5. Look at various important landmarks e.g. the Accademia Bridge, St Mark’s Basilica La Fen ice theatre and many more while you are traversing the Grand-Canal.
  6. Get transported without any noise or rush of vehicular traffic, where there is only the sounds of water and voice of people who are enjoying their evenings.
  7. Grand-Canal-Gondola Ride with Serenade
  8. With this ride, you get the opportunity to explore the life-line of Venice which are various canals that has helped to turn Venice into a great economic and cultural power house. The status of the city has thus been elevated to ‘La Dominant’.
  9. You can enjoy half an hour of delightful cruise on the Grand-Canal with the gondolier and the guide will enlighten you with lore’s, stories and facts about the yore.
  10. For children those who are below 2 years entry is free, under the condition that the child will not occupy any seat. If any child is over 2 years of the age then you have to pay for full ticket.
  11. Grand Canal-Gondola Ride with Audio Guide
  12. Enjoy the magnificence of Venice with the help of its canals in this iconic gondola with skip-the-line tickets for a 30-minute shared ride of gondola.
  13. You can explore the waterways of Venice and all the well-known parts of this Grand Canal that includes the Peggy-Guggenheim Collection, Mozart’s House and Desdemona’s House.
  14. Submerge yourself in the magnificence of Venice and absorb its vibrant history by using the handy app with multilingual audio guide.

What are the few important attractions during the Grand Canal cruise

Following are the list of five attractions that you can see along Grand-Canal which you just cannot miss.

  • Santa-Maria Della Saluta

The monumental Santa-Maria Della Saluta, is the most remarkable structure on this Grand-Canal. This church was erected as an offering for the deliverance of the city from the outbreak of plague in 1630.

  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection

This modern art museum is a palace built in 18th-century, and for about 30 years it was home of American-heiress called Peggy Guggenheim.

  • Palazzo Corner della-Ca’ Grand

Located just opposite to Peggy Guggenheim’s Collection, is a fine sample of Renaissance-architecture. This Corner della-Ca’ Grande was built by an Italian master sculptor called Jacopo Sansovino in 1545.

  • Ca’ d’Oro

This gold house is a masterpiece that houses a museum that shows the lives of Venetian Nobles of middle ages times.

  • San Stae

This church was constructed in 1678, in the figure of a Greek-Cross and what you see from this Grand-Canal was built after 30 years of its original construction.

Visit the website:, to book your tour to Venice today.


Is There Any Cure For Tinnitus? Causes and Treatments

Do you hear anywhere about tinnitus? If no then before knowing about their symptoms and how to get rid-off, you must know about what is tinnitus?

Tinnitus means when you continuously hear a sound in your ear that doesn’t come from outside the body. It comes from inside your body that can only hear from the person who is suffering from this problem. You may hear hissing, clicking, or whistling sounds inside your ear that may be irritating or annoying. Most of the people nowadays affected by this problem, it becomes a common problem. It usually occurs after the age of 45 years, but children and young age people also experience it. So far there is no scientifically proven cure for tinnitus.

Symptoms of tinnitus:

Tinnitus affects millions of people and can lead to anxiety and depression. Continuously ringing in the ear when no external sound is present makes you annoying. Tinnitus is a non-auditory, internal sound coming from your inner ear that can be intermittent or continuous, in one or both ears, and either low- or high-pitched sound. Different types of noises come in your ears like:

  • Ringing
  • Buzzing
  • Roaring
  • Clicking
  • Hissing
  • Whistling
  • Chirping
  • Screeching
  • whooshing

The volume of the sound may fluctuate. At night or during the time when there is no sounds coming from outside or may be in a quiet place, you can hear high-pitch volume from your inside ear. This may cause hearing loss.

Sign of tinnitus:

If you see around us then you will get to know there are so many people suffering from tinnitus, it is important to investigate what causes the ringing sensation.

  • Age: Around the age of 60, hearing sensitivity can start getting worse. Hearing loss associated with natural aging is called presbycusis, and it can be accompanied by tinnitus.
  • Loud noise exposure: Being exposed to occupational loud noise on a regular basis from heavy equipment, chainsaws or firearms is a common cause of tinnitus. However, even if you don’t work in a noisy environment, you can still suffer the effects of noise exposure by listening to loud music through headphones, attending live music performances frequently and engaging in noisy hobbies.
  • Unhealthy habits: Researchers found drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating certain foods and consuming caffeinated beverages can play a role in tinnitus.
  • Common ailments: High blood pressure, anemia, allergies, cardiovascular disease, circulatory problems, diabetes and an underactive thyroid gland are all medical conditions that can lead to tinnitus.
  • Smoking. Smokers have a higher risk of developing tinnitus.


There are numbers of health conditions may cause tinnitus problems. A common cause is the inner cell damage problem. In many patient’s cases, the exact cause is not found.

Other possible causes are:

  • head and neck injuries
  • ear infections
  • a foreign object or earwax touching the eardrum
  • eustachian tube (middle ear) problems
  • temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
  • stiffening of the middle ear bones
  • traumatic brain injury
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • diabetes

Tinnitus treatment cure:

There is no cure for most cases of tinnitus problems. Most people become accustomed to it and learn to tune it out. When this does not work, the individual may benefit from treatment for the effects of tinnitus, insomnia, anxiety, hearing difficulties, social isolation, and depression. Dealing with these issues can significantly improve a person’s quality of life.

Many people find that by controlling your blood pressure, reducing stress, Do meditation, yoga and relaxation exercise, decreasing caffeine consumption may help to get cure of tinnitus.

In many cases of tinnitus, they aren’t severe enough for medical treatment, some people turn to alternative therapies for finding relief. Some of them like:


Here are some other things a person can do to manage tinnitus and its effects.

Sound therapy uses external noise to mask the individual’s perception of tinnitus. Low-level background music, white noise, or specialized ear maskers can help.

The choice of sound should be pleasant for the individual. Masking devices offer temporary relief, and the awareness of tinnitus returns when the sound therapy is turned off.

Hearing aids are a common type of sound therapy. They amplify environmental sounds and redirect attention to those noises instead of the tinnitus.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) is designed to help people who suffer from this problems. It involves help from a trained professional and wearing a device that emits low-level white noise. Ongoing counseling sessions can help people cope with the tinnitus.

This therapy’s success is proportionate to the severity of the tinnitus and the individual’s overall mental health.

According to researchers, TRT helps to provide relief to around 80 percent of people with tinnitus.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help relieve depression in people with tinnitus, although it does not appear to reduce the sound.

Healthy lifestyle:

One way to prevent tinnitus, and possibly a hearing loss, is by avoiding exposure to loud noises.

To prevent hearing damage from developing or worsening:

  • use hearing protection, such as ear mufflers and earplugs, in noisy environments
  • play personal listening devices at a moderate volume

Improving wellness will not stop tinnitus, but overall wellbeing can help limit its intensity and provide physical and emotional benefits.

Exercise, healthy eating, good sleeping habits, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol, recreational and social activities, and stress management and relaxation techniques can all help achieve optimum wellness.

Unfortunately, once the damage is done, there is no way to reverse it.

Use hearing protection:

Over time, exposure to loud noise can damage the nerves in the ears, causing hearing loss and tinnitus. If you use chainsaws, are a musician, work in an industry that uses loud machinery or use firearms (especially pistols or shotguns), always wear over-the-ear hearing protection.


The Demand For Spanish-Language Cancer Information Sites Skyrockets

The number of Spanish-speaking cancer patients continues to grow. However, researchers have found that the volume of material that they can access and read on the Internet is minimal. In a recent press release, researchers said that there is an urgent need to have more Spanish-language materials for Spanish-speakers.

Researchers with the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology determined that Spanish-speaking cancer patients did not have as much access to the Internet as English-speaking cancer patients, based on user patterns for these groups of Internet users.

The University of Pennsylvania has developed and manages a cancer information web site, OncoLink. OncoLink publishes web pages about cancer treatment in both the English and Spanish languages.

The number of unique visitors to their Spanish-language web site more than quadrupled over the last year. In contrast, the number of unique visitors to their English-language version of the same web site remained stagnant during the same period of time.

The English-language version of OncoLink has had nearly 2 million visitors in the past year.

The Spanish-language companion, OncoLink en espanol, was launched in 2005, but has seen the number of visitors skyrocket. In January 2006, the Spanish-language site averaged 7,000 visitors a month. By the end of 2006, the same site was averaging 29,000 unique visitors every month.

In addition to finding differences in their ability to access the Internet, and the number of visitors to it’s web site, researchers also noted that there were differences in the type of information that was being searched for by its Spanish-speaking visitors. They also found that the time of day influenced activity on the Spanish-language cancer information web pages.

By analyzing this data, researchers concluded that Spanish-language users accessed the Internet less during the weekend and morning hours when compared to the people who were accessing the English-language materials. This suggests that the Spanish-language users probably used the Internet at work, the library, or at another location that offered special services, instead of accessing the Internet from their homes.

Spanish-language users also searched for different data than their English-speaking counterparts.

“There is an urgent need for more Web-based information to be more available to Spanish-speaking patients with cancer, and Internet access needs to be more widely available. The increased knowledge gained among these patients will help to eliminate healthcare disparities and lead to improved medical outcomes,” said Charles Simone II, M.D., a radiation oncologist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.